Re: SSv5 + REU + T232?

From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2002-04-19 00:45:15

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    Marko Mäkelä dnia 18 kwi 2002 o 22:53 +0300 napisa³:
    > > $d700 is on U3 (74LS138) pin 12. $d500 is available there on pin 14, but I
    > > don't think it would work, at least in C128 mode.
    > I can't access my C128 right now, but aren't the MMU registers only 
    > mapped at $d500-d51f or some such; the rest of the $d500-$d5ff area 
    > reads $ff and is ignored on writes, if I remember correctly.  Thus, you 
    > could wire something e.g. at $d580 without interfering with anything.
    You are right. I just checked that. This should work in C128 mode for writting,
    and in C64 mode $d500-ff behaves like unconnected space.
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