RE: C'T Articles (RE: Logic analyzer (Was: 6510 in FPGA works!!))
Date: 2002-04-18 13:02:19

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    Hallo allemaal,
    > They don't have the old issues for sale any longer...
    I have have all 64'ers from the start, April 1984, until May 1994 (?) when
    they stopped selling it in shops. I started to scan them, that is, only C=
    related articles. Color pages make I MB JPG's, B/W about 50-100 KB. I only
    scanned in color if there where interesting pictures on it or when neither
    B/W or grayscale worked out fine. 64'er often used fine printing for
    listings, meaning I needed an higher DPI and therefor the 100 KB value.
    Until now I have only scanned the first four issues. On average one issue
    takes about 80 MB :-/ 
    The idea is that those people owning interesting magazines could start
    scanning these as well. Next step is exchanging CD's or even DVD's.
    FYI, I have 99% of all the programs mentioned in the magazines on CD as
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