RE: C'T Articles (RE: Logic analyzer (Was: 6510 in FPGA works!!))

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2002-04-18 11:50:18

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    > There's another project in these magazines, a 4MHz 65C816 C64. Unfortunately
    > by the time they replace the CPU, RAM, ROMs, etc with various add-on boards
    > it started looking a bit too complicated for a wirewrap project. Maybe in
    > the future I'll scan this one too.
    Now that sounds like you have a pretty decent c't archive... There were
    many interesting projects back in the golden 80s where computer magazines
    were ment to publish more than the Windows hack of the week and ever
    repeating monitor and printer tests.
    c't once also published a Z80 card for CP/M usage.
    <sigh> Those were the times. (I still remember the day I was that overly
    excited over the project of turning a ZX81's 64kB RAM module into a hires
    graphics module... Too bad I only had 32kB.)
    I wonder if anybody is selling their c't archive from 84 to 89? Maybe I
    need to put some money in aquiring archive copies directly from the
    publisher Heise Verlag...
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