Re: SSv5 + REU + T232?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-04-17 10:56:35

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    Adrian Gonzalez wrote:
    > Well, I'm wondering if anybody has tried this particular combination of
    > hardware.  I have a SSv5 and a 1750 C=lone and would love to get a T232 to
    > use MagerValp's SerSlave, but I'm wondering if they will all work together.
    >  Since all three use the i/o area at $de00-dfff, I must assume some
    > tweaking would be needed?
    > Any ideas?
    Use a C128, and put the T232 to $d700, I think this is even described in the
    T232 manual. This way it will not collide with the SSv5 and 1750 combination
    (which should work fine according to reports from others). 
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