RE: Dead PET 2001 with 6550Žer
Date: 2002-04-16 13:16:26

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    Hallo Klaus,
    > On startup it shows just garbage chars on the screen.
    The 20xx and 30xx series always show garbage because they have a TTL-logic
    video circuit that works right from the moment you power up the computer.
    The garbage you see is the random data in the video-RAMs.
    > I suppose the ROMS are dead.
    It can be anything: 6502, ROMs, glue-logic etc.
    You either must have an analyser or debugger to find the fault in-flight.
    Otherwise you are stuck by exchanging the parts one-by-one.
    FYI, I face the same problem. But I have the advantage of a second working
    PET :)
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