64HDD updated to v0.7a0

Date: 2002-04-02 06:07:58

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    Hello All,
    64HDD is the PC based CBM drive emulation system I'm working on that uses
    the X/XE1541 cable and a simulation of the IEC serial bus protocol.
    The long awaited upgrade has been released and as you will see the 
    wait has been rewarded with some significant improvements.
    Firstly, there have been a number of major improvements to D64/D71 
    disk image support. File creation is now supported for PRG, SEQ and 
    USR files and coupled with the extensive support for direct access 
    commands many more programs will work or will be improved with the 
    ability to save high-scores and so on. Many of these features will 
    also work for the D81 image format, though partition support is not 
    yet available. Some additional disk image command channel support has 
    been added including R: and S:  -  (Rename and Scratch) this will 
    allow many of you to work with LoadStar disk images which rename 
    files during disk access, for example.
    Secondly, a GEOS64 kernal has been developed which works with D64 
    images attached to your 64HDD setup. This is the first release of 
    GEOS support for 64HDD, so please read the documentation carefully. 
    As GEOS is still a commercial product, the new kernal is only 
    available as an "upgrade" and you will need to complete the "keying" 
    process using your original system disks and also supply the DESKTOP 
    (or you can use TOPDESK). To see a summary of these new GEOS 
    features, have a look at the new "64HDD-GEOS" page on the 64HDD 
    website. A special fast-loader is active once the GEOS-kernal is run 
    (a fast-writer has still under development). The fast-loader has been 
    tested on several machines, but some low spec 386 machines may not be 
    compatible (fast-enough) and you will need to use the "slow" driver 
    in this case. 
    - Nick
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