RE: Hacking 1764 RAM expansion to 512KB

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2002-03-27 12:12:32

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    Glad you liked it  :')
    I run across many oddball resources when I'm surfing
    around. So many in fact that I have difficulty organizing
    my IE Favorites. I keep some of the better ones on the
    links page of my web site.
    Seems like a hundred new C= sites come up every month or
    so. I can't even count the number which have disappeared
    forever. I just hope the good stuff (like hard to find
    technical manuals) all gets archived somewhere (like Funet)
    --- wrote:
    > Hi Proff,
    > >You may also find the following schematics useful:
    > >
    > This was an interesting link, I've never come across the
    > service manual for
    > the 1750. Interesting info.
    > - Nick
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