Re: Hacking 1764 RAM expansion to 512KB

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2002-03-26 20:07:07

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    Daniele Gratteri wrote:
    > Thanks! I have searched on FUNET in many directories, but never thought of
    > the DOCUMENTS one :-(
    Or the ALLFILES or ALLDIRS documents?  (Beware, the HTML versions of 
    these documents, especially the main document, can crash your browser, as 
    it's rather big.)
    > Since you had already done the job, can you tell me if the 390 ohm resistor
    > to be placed in the R4 location is really necessary for proper operation of
    > the upgraded REU with the C64 and the C128?
    I don't think I did anything else than replace the memory chips.  The 
    "REU size" jumper (if that's what you mean; I made the updates several 
    years ago) is merely connected to an input pin of the REC (RAM Expansion 
    Controller) chip, and as far as I know, programs should not rely on the 
    corresponding bit in one of the REC registers to determine the size of 
    the REU memory.
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