8088-board (3)

Date: 2002-03-04 09:31:14

Hallo allemaal,

My wife bought a double-package of coockies because there was a LEGO-CD
attached to it. A very bad decision as it turned out that it only runs on my
PC. So my two little boys consfiscated my PC and I had to look for other
bussiness (see next email).

Anyway, during the little time left last week (birthday, computerproblems at
work) I managed to finish the drawings. That is, not checked and has to be
re-organised. But I thought I give you a first impression.
- the 8088 runs all the time
- it is able to shut down the 6509 (but I could be wrong)
- it CANNOT address the I/O as it does not address the addresslines
- it addresses the DRAM using the multplex-addresslines directly
- It comunicates with the 6509 through the 6525/6526 combination
- AFAIK it does not use the C-port of the 6525 (then why using a 6525 ???)
- The onboard 2 KB-SRAM is used by the 6509 only. This puzzled me for a long
time. Writing this email it occured to me that this SRAM could be used by
the 6509 as a stable base to run the program that prepares the 6509 to be
shut down and restarted again.

This evening my wife is having swimming lessons, my kids will be sent to bed
so..... :)

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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