Re: 6523 vs 6525

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-02-28 10:27:39

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> 6530 is RRIOT, isn't it? As in ROM RAM I/O Timer. At least that's what it
> said in a 6502 applications manual. (3rd party I think)

It should be RRIOT, yes, but I think the original datasheets still call it
RIOT. Not sure, though.

> > There's also the 6523 and 6525 triport interface adaptors: pin and register
> > compatible, but the 6525 has more registers and functions.
> Isn't 6523 TIA a 28 pin device? I thought these were basically package
> options of the same die; 6525 TIA in a 40 pin package.

That's a common mistake: Not the 6523 has a 28pin package, the 6523T has it
(it's used in the 1551 cartridge). They both share very probably the same
die. The 6525 on the other hand has the same 40pin package as the 6523, but
it has handshake and priority interrupt capabilities added. 

The 1551 drive also has the 6510T CPU, which I think differs from the
standard 6510 CPU as well.


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