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Date: 2002-02-27 14:03:03

(MagerValp; I hope you do not mind me replying to the list; some of my
answers are also relevant to Marko, and I suspect others are also

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> CP> is in a single .a65 file, so I could send you that 'as is', but
> CP> I'd rather clean it up a bit first.
> Cleaned up would be good, and there's no need hurry :)

OK :)

> ...
> Yeah, handshaking on the 6551 is quite a bit of work. If I could get
> my hands on some example source that implements it I'll probably
> include it, but right now it works without it at 38400.
> ...
Hmm.  If I don't delay at the host end, the other end loses chars, even in
asm. But that might just be buggy drivers.  Also, on transmission from c64,
just waiting for 'buffer empty' on the 6551 doesn't seem to be sufficient
without also adding a delay between checks.  But I will upload my code soon,
so you can laugh at my errors ;-)

> Those pesky badlines are at it again. Of course, on the SuperCPU it
> runs at 115200 without any problems at all. It probably works on the
> C128 in fast mode as well.

I should try blanking during host communication as well as during drive
communication.  I spent a few hours trying to fix my drive communication
before I discovered that certain Kernal routines I was using were helpfully
re-enabling interupts and leaving them on!  Grr..

> CP> Of course, if my sector-access stuff is useful to you and if
> CP> serial slave works on my Mac (OS X 10.1.3, keyspan usb to serial
> CP> adaptor), I might just drop my project altogether ;-).
> Could you check if the Device::SerialPort works on OS X? I haven't
> been able to try as I don't have a serial port on my G4.


> I think it would be great if our projects could merge. I'll gladly
> take care of the PC side and the user interface (including directory
> browsing for d64s), but 1541 programming is beyond me. With a d64
> tool, file copier, and load/save patch Serial Slave will be close to
> how I imagined it. I think the killer feature will be when I add zip
> browsing to the mix (they'll be handled just like a directory).

Cool.  What toolkit were you planning on using for the UI?  I
switched from Perl to Python for all my scripting about a year
or two back, and have not regretted it.  Now I'm just waiting
for wxPython (the Python binding for wxWindows) and pyOpenGL
to get up to speed under OS X, and I'll be a happy camper :)


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