Re: Serial Slave 0.7b out

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-02-27 12:41:27

>>>>> "CK" == Cameron Kaiser <> writes:


CK> I'm wondering how well this would port to MacPerl. Are you making
CK> much use of fork(), having not yet looked at the source? MacPerl
CK> 5.6.x has some fork() emulation but I'd rather not jump into that
CK> bag of worms.

It doesn't explicitly fork at all, unless that's used for open(FOO,
"cmd|"). The only tricky part is the serial port module, Win32::-
SerialPort, and it's POSIX friend Device::SerialPort. If there's a
compatible module for MacPerl you're in business. OS X should work
though, I think it uses POSIX serial ports, but I haven't actually
checked -- I don't have any serial ports on my G4 anyway :)

CK> Does the jpg2mci output work in NTSC and PAL?


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