strange problem

From: Alexander Razmayenko (
Date: 2002-02-26 13:49:13

Hello CBM,

  1. C1541
  2. C128D

  3. LS 5v-1a with ISA LPT PS/2 and X1541 Cable

  when i use #1 with #2 - all ok - read-write successfully

  but - !!! in case #3 with #1 (or #2) we have message like "timeout
  when i try 2 load DIR in StarCommander - C1541 goes onto track 18,
  after that onto (i may think it's ) track 40 (or about it) and goes
  into endless wait (freeze) (i press twice "ESC" - and get empty DIR in

  i also tryed #3 with #2 (after POKE 56576,199) - some result...

  is this a problem of Disk-drive or something else?

Best regards & wishes,
 Alexander Razmayenko
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