Re: C65 Planar Graphics and Sprites

From: Andre Kaesmacher (
Date: 2002-02-26 00:32:21

Jeri Ellsworth schrieb:
> Hi,
>   Has anyone with a c65 tried using sprites during planar modes?  How
> does it react?

To tell you the truth, i did it not yet.
But sprite-multiplexing and bitplane-mode are ready
and i will soon try it.

It's all in the C64DX System Specification :-)

To give you some quotes:

line 4325:
     In  80  column  or 640 pixel mode, the sprite pointers are at the
end  of the 2K byte video matrix,  where they used to be at the end of
the  1K byte video matrix,  in 40 column or 320 pixel mode.  The size,
location,  and  resolution  of  sprites are not affected by any of the
mode switches.

line 4502:
... The attributes are only applied to bitplane 2, which is also
the  foreground/background  plane  for  sprite collisions and priority

Hope this helps,
Andre Kaesmacher
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