Re: plus/4 cassette connector pinout

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Date: 2002-02-25 15:17:51

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Subject: plus/4 cassette connector pinout

> The 6 volts sounds like the power supply of the motor.

Yes, now I have understood that.

> BTW, when I tested the C2N232 with the plus/4, I removed the cord from the
> inside of a plus/4 tape drive and soldered the tiny connectors to my
> circuit board.  I think that it could be easier for you to measure these
> voltages from the inside of the tape drive, as the connector there uses
> wider spacing.

Well, I opened my 1531 Datassette (for the first time!) and "reverse
enginereed" the pinout of the connector. I confirm that is MUCH easier to
use the tape drive internal one instead of the computer's one!
I found that the READ value is around 2,3V while WRITE is circa 2,5V. This
for both the 7501 and the CPU module.
When the drive is idle, WRITE is at 5V and READ is at about 0V.

Just a thought: can the problem be a faulty 6522A? If it can be, I'll try to
use the other one Ruud has supplied me.
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