Re: 6502 to 8501: new details

From: Daniele Gratteri (
Date: 2002-02-21 21:18:34

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> No, I have the flew :(

I am sorry :-(

> AFAIK I reacted on an email, the one you offered to send me your
> protoype. But 1) I'm not a Plus/4 guy 2) I even don't know where mine is
> (it is somewhere in my my room, but that is all I know) 3) I have enough
> projects of myself and 4) it is tax-time over here which means I have to
> spend a lot of time filling in all kind of screens and papers. The private
> sector is automated, but the bussiness sector isn't yet :(

If (and when) you will have some free time, I'll be happy if you can
investigate why the Datassette doesn't operate properly with the CPU module
installed. After all, the schematic is yours! Maybe I should publish it so
who wants to try it can do the thing?
I also have to try a damn 1541 unit for testing the serial port...

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