Re: wanting someone to disassemble 6803 hex file

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2002-02-20 02:43:02

> PD> Although I have not read it completely, this book of mine is
> PD> called "M6800 Microcomputer System Design Data". I contains
> PD> datasheets and technical breakdowns of (AFAIK) the entire 68xx
> PD> series. Just looking at the instructionset, the similarities and
> PD> differences (to 6502) are remarkable.
> Yes, and by no means accidental :) The 6500 started out as a pin com-
> patible 6800 replacement. The 6500 sold for a fraction of the price of
> the 6800, so naturally Motorola wasn't too happy about the situation.
> They sued, and after the settlement MOS changed the pinout, fixed a
> couple of bugs, and released the 6502.

And even now the 6502 is still 6800-bus-compatible (the PRG even advertises
it as such).

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