Re: C65 uses 6581 or 8580 ?

From: Andre Kaesmacher (
Date: 2002-02-17 22:44:16

MagerValp schrieb:
> >>>>> "AK" == Andre Kaesmacher <> writes:
> AK> Would it be dangerous to install a 8580 if a 6581 is needed ?
> The 8580 runs on 9 V, the 6581 on 12 V.

With other words: The 8580 would get too much Voltage and might be
damaged ?
I should take my Multimeter and measure the VCC of the SIDs ..
> AK> [2]Never ever access the SID while being in fast mode :-(
> Is fast mode available as an active high or low signal on the mother-
> board? Then you could add a logic gate that keeps the SID chip select
> high if fast mode is enabled.

I have two left hands when it comes to soldering, and would never
try it on my prototype.

However, it sounds reasonable to hardwire the SIDs to not be selected
whenever the CPU is in fast mode.

Come to think of it, is it possible to access the SID in fast mode
on the C128 ?


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