Re: 8250LP - fault, how to fix?

From: Adrian Vickers (
Date: 2002-02-15 17:25:48

At 09:30 15/02/2002, you wrote:

>Adrian Vickers wrote:
> > The 6530 (imprinted 901885-04 0683) is blown, wheras the 6530 (imprinted
> > 901885-04 0383) is okay, but the wrong version to correctly drive the, erm,
> > drive. So to speak.
>Did you replace the old 6530 only, or did you replace the whole board with
>the new 6530?

I tried both - replacement of board with 6530 first, for long enough to ID 
the fact that the LEDs stopped doing their flashing trick, then replacing 
the 6530 on the adaptor board & replacing the whole board. Same result (no 
flashing, but machine not reading either).

>  If
>this still gives read errors (preferably on a freshly formatted disk), then I
>suspect the drive has another damage as well.

The drive reports "read error" regardless of whether there's a disk in the 
drive or not.

Cheers, Ade.
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