Re: 6526 failure modes?

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2002-02-15 11:39:40

Hallo Sam,

> Then it shouldn't be that hard to make a simple adapter board ...

Assume you have a 6526 with a fried TOD and another one with a fried A-
port. This means you have develop two different boards. And then I 
haven't mentioned all other possible failures. 
OK, you could develop a general board but IMHO that will be one capable 
of emulating a complete 6526. And that brings me to the idea of 
emulating a 6526 using a CPLD. 

But at this moment I have over 50 spare 6526s laying around. So I have 
over 50 practical reasons not to favour your idea at all. And what about 
the time all 50 are used? I think by that time the C64 in FPGA is reality.

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