RE: 8250LP - fault, how to fix?

From: Adrian Vickers (
Date: 2002-02-13 01:10:57

At 23:36 12/02/2002, you wrote:

>On the 710, I had a 256-80 that did the same darn thing.  The problem turned
>out to be a RAM chip.  You might try going into the monitor (don't know the
>SYS off the top of my head), and dumping the several banks of RAM to look
>for bits that are suspiciously ON or OFF all the time (the values, by
>default will alternate).

Wouldn't that only be true if the drive indicated a fault when plugged into 
the machine? It also does it while disconnected from everything.

OTOH, if you're suggesting scanning the drive's RAM, then I'd be curious to 
know where I might find the SYS command, and how it works.

Cheers, Ade.
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