From: Hársfalvi Levente (levente_at_terrasoft.hu)
Date: 2002-02-05 15:58:37


I stumbled upon some interesting auctions at eBay (now eBay.de) again.
For example, amongst others there are a 8096 + 8250 (lp), a 8032 + 8250
(lp) + Epson FX80 combo, a 1551 drive and four Commodore 116s for sale.
(I provide no links, you can find them using eBay's item search).

(Please tell me if I should or shouldn't report similar items here -- I
don't want to spam this list, just report relatively rare stuff, if it's
of some interest for others. If it's not, I'll stop).

Best regards,


Ps. The 8096 + 8250 looks really nice -- it's a pity that it's so huge +
heavy (expensive + complicated shipping)

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