Re: Swedish CBM 3032

From: Peter Karlsson (
Date: 2002-02-05 12:23:44

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, MagerValp wrote:

> There might still be some differences, so I think dumping it would be
> a good idea. Is the character ROM a 2316 PROM or even a 2716 EPROM? 

I'm not sure, since I don't know which ROM is the character one. It doesn't
seem to be an EPROM, anyway. Here are the designations of all the socketed

UD9: MOS 901465-03 4679
UD8: MOS 901447-24 3979
UD7: MOS 901465-02 4579
UD6: MOS 901465-01 4779
UD5: BE 3.1 $B000
UFLO: MOS 901447-N 4679

> In that case you should be able to plug it into a C64's character ROM
> socket and read it out from there.

My C64 doesn't have socketed ROMs (well, it now has a socket for the KERNAL
after I built JiffyDOS into it, but not for anything else).

> Nope, but I want a copy. I hope it works in BASIC 4 as well :)

It adds commands like "AUTO", "ASSIST" (highlights where the last error
showed up), "DLOAD", "DSAVE", "FLIST" (list file), "PLIST" (print file),
"DUMP" (show variables) and similar commands.

I dumped the ROMs to tape yesterday (four copies) and had my VIC-20 copy
them over to disk (three copies, the last I couldn't read properly). Today I
checked the files, and it looks like the two first files seemed reasonably
similar, but I am not totally sure that the dump was okay because it almost
seemed a bit short. I can't check it thouroughly until I get to Oslo,
though. I need a IEEE cable to connect the 3040 drive to the PET to dump the
ROMs more reliably if this didn't work properly.

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