Re: VDC bitmap with 8x2 cells

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-02-02 02:50:17

>>>>> "RA" == Richard Atkinson <> writes:

RA> How come you use 2 pixel height? Is there some double "badline"
RA> problem in attributes mode, like on the TED, where the video chip
RA> needs two lines of extra video accesses, and won't display
RA> properly with only one?

If you fill the bitmap with $f0 bytes and use 8x2 pixel attribute
cells you end up with a chunky 160x100x16 display, without any colour
restrictions. 156x100 isn't really bad either, but I'd like to know if
where's a workaround for 160. 8x1 cells aren't supported on the VDC
(the display dies if you enable it), but with some tricks you can get
the VDC to display it anyway (see RFO). Unfortunately that requires
some pretty hairy timing.

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