Re: 1541-II write indicator LED

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2002-02-01 12:08:47 wrote:
> The trick is simple. In position 1 the drive reacts as normal. In position 2
> all disks are seen as writeprotected. In position 3 all disks are seen as
> NOT writeprotected.

I misunderstood Piotr's question.  He clarified to me:

Mabye I didn't wrote it clear... I dunno.... But I asked you about !!LED!!
new diode connected to 1541-II. You wrote about led connected to 
resistor 51... WAIT
         A|\ |K    +--------+        Note the orientation of the
      +---| >|-----+50..100 +---+    LED's cathode!
      |   |/ |     +--------+   |
      |                         |
      |                         |
      |        +--------+       |     +-----...
  ----+--------+  R51   +-------+-----+  R52...
               +--------+             +-----...

I now assume that he means an indicator LED for seeing when the magnetic 
head is writing (or erasing) the disk.  Is it even possible to install 
such an indicator on the 1541-II?  Or would you have to convert the 
analog signal from the hybrid IC back to digital (or amplify it) in 
order to drive the LED with it?


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