RE: MAX-carts
Date: 2002-01-22 08:45:43

Hallo Nick,

> But one question. Since it works as a simple Ultimax mode ROM 
> cart what is the purpose of the RAM?

The RAM has no purpose when used in a C64: see my previous emails with the
comments about what pin of the SRAM is connected to what pin of the
The VC-10 need at least 40*25 = ~1KB space for the screen, then 256 bytes
zeropage and 256 bytes stack. Means only 512 bytes are left. Not much IMHO?
So that's why the extra 2 KB are needed. 
That VC-10 shows that only 2 KB are free could mean that is has dedicated
the "left over" 512 bytes for other things. You mentioned yourself the
datarecorder works fine so at least we need some space to buffer data.

Then I have question myself: I assume that some (maybe most) of the games
are graphical. IMHO this would mean that all these card must have at least 8
KB of RAM onboard. Is this true or am I missing something?
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