RE: What is better for a VIC 20...

From: Ray Bryan (
Date: 2002-01-22 03:59:28

If you are very lucky that would be the bridge rectifier diode network
- very common occurence easy and cheap to replace, if not then the 
TO220 packaged voltage regulator fried. (or both) more messy and hard
to get part replaced part - not so common occurence.
I have seen so many smoked bridge rectifiers that my money is on that
one.  Be sure to replace that part with on that has a higher current
rating like a 4 Amp 600v PIV or so.  This was one point where Commodore
tried to scrimp on the cost and the part's tolerance was too close to the 
actual working parameters.

-- Ray Bryan

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002, at 07:26 PM, Daniele Gratteri wrote

> > Repair on that VC1540 is just about the same as on the 1541 - 1540
> > has the "long board" that is no integrated logic array all discrete
> > logic ic's this should be easy to trouble shoot with an O'scope or
> > logic probe.  What does they guy say is wrong with it (assuming he
> > remembers)?  There are several very common problems that I can help
> > diagnose given the symptoms.
> Blue smoke from the drive, then it hasn't worked anymore :-(
> But I think I'll take the VC 1540 since it has the long board, and I like
> big boards :-)
> When I receive it, I will make some tests, obviously with your precious
> help.

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