Santa Claus Demo for Wheels

From: eyethian (
Date: 2002-01-19 03:54:14

Hello, CBM Hackers-

I have released the Santa Claus demo for Wheels (GEOS) 64 and 128 systems
(40 column mode only) equipped with SuperCPU's. SuperRAM is not required.
This demo will display a high resolution FLI picture and a multicolor FLI
picture of the Coca-Cola Santa Claus in *full-screen*, including the first
three columns of the picture. Previously, due to a FLI bug, the VIC-II
really couldn't display graphics data in the first three columns of the
picture in stock Commodore 8-bit systems. Only does the SuperCPU unlock the
magic of the VIC-II chip.

The demo and complete source code can be found at:

Screenshots by the courtesy of Ray Allen, are included for people who do not
run GEOS or do not have the necessary hardware, i.e., a SuperCPU needed to
run the demo.

-Todd Elliott

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