RE: MAX-carts
Date: 2002-01-18 11:57:22

Hallo Nicolas,

> The Max doesn't have I/O1, I/O2, EXROM, DMA. It has EXRAM, P0,
> and the CIA CNT/SP signals instead. Maybe it makes more sense 
> this way?

You are absolutely right. In case of EXRAM it makes more sense indeed. But
the question still remains regarding the R/W-line.

Hallo Spiro,

Regarding Andreas' email: so now and then our newsserver skips messages for
unknown reasons :( And according Murphys law this always happens with those
emails you are most interested in.

> as directly connecting the R/-W line of
> a static RAM to the 6510's R/-W line is not possible.

Why not if I may ask? The 6703 has a CLK2 input so the EXRAM-output could
meet the required timing. Then using the original R/W-signal shouldn't be a
problem IMHO.

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