Re: MAX-carts

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-01-18 11:02:50 wrote:
> Studying the photos the first thing I noticed was that pin 5 of the
> expansionslot, the R/W line, is not connected. Very strange when there is a
> SRAM onboard. Pin 21 of the SRAM is the R/W-input and is connected to the
> DMA-input. The CS- and OE-pin of the SRAM are connected to I/O1. I/O2 goes
> to jumper J5 and through the solderpad to EXROM I believe?

I don't think it makes sense to describe the port pins with their C64
equivalents. What would be the correct names according to your ultimax
schematics? The Max doesn't have I/O1, I/O2, EXROM, DMA. It has EXRAM, P0,
and the CIA CNT/SP signals instead. Maybe it makes more sense this way?


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