1520 good news and bad news

From: Ethan Dicks (ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 2002-01-16 17:02:27

Among my many ongoing projects is repair of my 1520 plotter - I have two
mechanisms - one Commodore 1520, one Atari plotter with the same guts.  I
have at least two cracked gears - the small ones at the end of the X and Y
positioner gear-trains - they are a couple of mm in diameter, a couple of mm
tall and have 14 teeth.  I have no precise measurements (like pitch), so
ordering replacements is troublesome.  The hobby stores around here have
gears of a similar size, but coarser - 10 or 12 teeth.

Anyway... in an effort to find a part number or description or *anything*,
I have been searching for my Commodore Service Manual for the 1520.  I
found it last night, but it has *no* information about the plotter mechanism.
It's all about the controller PCB.  

So... the good news is I found docs.  The bad news is that they are of limited
value.  I also found a C= price list including the 4 parts available for the
1520 - paper, pens, the 6500/1 and one other part (I forget now).  Not of
great value, but interesting.

So... having exhausted my own resources, I'll ask if anyone out there has
the specs on those tiny gears so replacements can be secured.  If I can get
the right numbers (and the company carries them), I think I can get a bag of
20 for under $1USD each.  It might even be worth a group buy - get a couple
of bags and divvy them up so each of us has replacements and spares.  These
gears are notoriously fragile - the teeth are fine enough pitch that the
gear itself is weak and eventually breaks under stress, along the bottom of
one of the grooves - the symptom is that either the X motor can't pull the
pen carriage hard enough to swap pens, or the Y motor can't pull the paper
off the roll without assistance.  The solution is an $0.80 gear.


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