Re: V364 @ eBay

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-01-10 17:11:24

>>>>> "RA" == Richard Atkinson <> writes:

RA> The best candidate for this would be the C16, as you could install
RA> the MV inside the C16 case (plenty of room).

It took me a couple of seconds before I realized that you weren't
trying to cram me into your C16... I think I need more caffeine.

RA> Hey - here's an idea. What about a V364 webcam style device -
RA> video capture on the S-Video output

I've considered doing this with the 25 fps webcam server I wrote
(Solaris/SPARC only I'm afraid), but I don't have enough space in my
office for that. JPG streams eat quite a bit of band width too (about
2 Mbps with a 25 fps stream at decent quality). It'd probable easier
to redirect kernal output to RS-232 and offer a real console inter-
face. Should work just fine for basic anyway.

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