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From: Bryan Pope (
Date: 2002-01-10 16:22:17

> This is great. I was thinking the same things myself during some quiet
> hours in the youth hostel, but I'm very pleased that other people have
> also suggested the idea.
> My thoughts were that the machine needs to be made accessible to all
> "hackers" and even collectors who can be bothered to make the journey to
> see it. I have always wanted to reverse engineer that speech interface so
> that common 264 series computer owners can hack a C64 Magic Voice
> (slightly) and hear the 261 words. Managed to get a pinout of the speech
> glue logic ASIC round at Bo's place (with only a multimeter, which I was
> quite pleased with), but really it needs some probing with an
> oscilloscope.
> So - this is what I will do. I will place a bid on this item, and all
> donations to the "Save the V364 Fund" will be gratefully received,
> assuming that the bid is successful. The machine will then be available
> for people to see, should they ever find themselves in England. I will
> finish off the job of reverse-engineering the MOS custom chip and (if
> Nicolas Welte's ideas are correct) publish how to adapt a Magic Voice to
> work in a 264 series computer. The best candidate for this would be the
> C16, as you could install the MV inside the C16 case (plenty of room).
> Might need upgrading to 64K, but that's easy enough.
> Hey - here's an idea. What about a V364 webcam style device - video
> capture on the S-Video output and some form of telnet interface to the
> keyboard buffer (perhaps over RS232 using the real ACIA) - log into the
> linux box controlling the device and send it "SAY" commands of your own?
> Only one user at a time of course - have to implement some form of
> concurrency on /dev/v364 :)


	I pledge at least $50 for the "Save the V364 Fund".  What is the best way 
to get it across the big pond when you win it?


Bryan Pope

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