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> Now, I'll get to the point of all this in a second.  I have a lot of
> respect for the "collector" described in the first paragraph -- they
> preserve items, use them, and generally make these items known to the
> full community (through technical knowledge, etc.).  But I have an
> enormous amount of disdain for the second type, because of the opposite
> effect: software and hardware that was once common suddenly becomes
> unavailable, hidden away, unused, and otherwise "valuable".  (On the other
> hand, maybe I'm just bitter about not getting an SX-64 when they were
> cheap; who knows).  The C65 is a great example -- something that went from
> being a $100 item of interest mainly to hackers, to a "collectible" item a
> few years later, now selling for, what, over $1000?  I never got one for
> $100, just because I figured I'd never do any coding for it and it should
> go to someone who would actually use it (a financial blunder, but a moral
> victory!).



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