Unknown $3F byte

From: Baltissen, R (Ruud) (ruud.baltissen_at_abp.nl)
Date: 2002-01-04 10:09:50

Hallo allemaal,

FYI: at this moment I can send email at my work but cannot recieve any due
to a viruschecker in our firewall. 

I have been playing again with my old PC-IEEE project again. To see what
transfers are going on, I let the CBM perform some actions and copied the
transfer into my PC. 

The result:
ATN:  byte:   meaning:
 Y     28     Device 8 listen
 Y     F0     Receive filename
       24     $  =  directory
 Y     3F     ????
 Y     48     Device 8 talk

This $3F byte puzzles me. PC-IEEE acts as a drive and my software skips it
(AFAIK). But I want to be able to use Star Commander in combination with an
IEEE-drive and then I may assume that there is a reason why the CBM sends
this byte. Anybody can help, please?

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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