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Date: 2002-01-03 14:59:24

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Baltissen, R (Ruud) wrote:

> >
> Thanks for the link.

Good Lord! That's Ben Harris's pages. He's a former committee member of
the Computer Preservation Society here, of which I am Secretary. I ought
to have found that link!

> > No, it was chained. Very thin looking cable I recall, maybe
> > as few as 4 wires (I am assuming arranged as twisted pair
> > or something).
> There are 2 connectors on the card with 4 pins each. Haven't checked what
> they are. And about the drivers, the only "strange" IC was this 6854, the
> rest were common TTL ICs IIRC. But not having the card here right now, I
> cannot say if the lines are driven by OC outputs or whatever.

Mine has a white wire soldered to it which has been cut off. There is some
device with a coil which looks like it might have had a cover once, but
has clearly lost it. It all looks a bit PHY interface-ish to me, but I
can't completely work out where the medium should go.


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