A Commodore 64 Demo Programming Milestone has been reached!

From: eyethian (eyethian_at_msn.com)
Date: 2001-12-25 09:41:44

Hello, brave CBM Hackers...

I have finally cracked that tough VIC-II nut wide open, coaxing it in
displaying a *full-screen* FLI mode, including the first three columns. Just
when a sane, ordinary Commodore hardcore demoscener thinks all is right in
his universe, comes along an high wire act like me with all CMD toys to
whack their VIC-II concepts asunder.

Ok, enough hype and hoopla. It seems to be all what I'm really good for. :)
I have created a special Christmas demo for this special holiday season. I
uploaded it to my website at:


Basically, the ZIP archive contains a README file and two versions of the
Coca Cola Santa Claus with a personal message from yours truly. The Coca
Cola Santa Claus is rendered in full screen high resolution FLI mode or
multicolor FLI mode, depending on which version you load/run. What I mean by
full screen is that the first three columns, hitherto therefore
inaccessible, now contain viewable graphics data. Note further that I am not
using 6502 tricks or sprites to cover such blemishes occurring in the first
three columns of the FLI screen.

Now, all of you CBM hardcore demosceners are rushing over to the VIC Article
by Christian Bauer and hiding behind such thick tome and text preaching the
VIC-II gospel and naysaying that my demo just isn't possible. Frankly, I
agree with you guys... Except for a little thing called the SuperCPU. :) The
SuperCPU is what makes full-screen FLI's possible under the VIC-II chip. I
must credit MagerValp for the crucial clue that allowed me to break loose
the silicon gates of the VIC-II wide open and freely pander its graphics
artistry in such full-screen glory.

So, if you have a NTSC Commodore and a SuperCPU, why don't you visit my
page, download my Coca Cola Santa Claus demo and enjoy your holiday season?
For those who have PAL Commodores and SuperCPU's, I ask for your patience as
I hope a certain individual can PAL-fix the demo for your enjoyment as well.
If you don't have a SuperCPU, well just read the eventual article on the
full-screen FLI mode in a Commodore oriented publication near you.
C=Hacking? Go64!? Hmmz. Seriously, I'd like to hear from fellow SuperCPU
users on my Christmas demo. Does it run alright? I want to be sure I've got
the timing nailed down for those two NTSC versions of the VIC-II chip.

In so closing, I wish to impress upon my fellow demoscene brethren to at
least consider the possibilities of more VIC-II banging that only the
SuperCPU can provide. I would simply love to see a SuperCPU specific demo
coded by those European savants like Graham, Crossbow, DeeKay, etc. It would
have truly pushed the boundaries of the Commodore 64 platform. So, hopefully
you'll cave into the 'Dark Side' and get a SuperCPU. :)

-Todd Elliott
December 25th, 2001

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