Re: 1541 ROMs question /a little bit off- topic/

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Date: 2001-12-20 08:45:05

Konrad, could you please fix your address?

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Subject: Re: 1541 ROMs question /a little bit off- topic/
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At 16:56 01-12-17 +0100, you wrote:
> > You can find this out by programming "one" (= nothing inserted) and
> > measuring pin 24 and 20, IMHO the best candidates.
>The fact is that I have the ability of programming some of them, yes, but I
>can't do these experiments with a voltmeter, surely the teachers will kill
>me if I try to do that thing!

When I was doing a GAL programmer I was able to come with a voltmeter and 
check voltage levels - here at University. I simply asked if I could do 
so...  And it was Advantech's LabTool 48 - as expensive as HiLo All-11 and 
others ;-)

>These universal programmers costs a lot of money...
No ! They are cheap, but you have to write software for them ;-)  A friend 
of mine has got a cool programmer, for which one can write it own 
programming algorithms - by the means of a built-in script language. And 
that programmer costs $300 (not $3000 ;-) ).


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