Re: 1541 ROMs question

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2001-12-17 19:16:22

--- Daniele Gratteri <> wrote:
> Can this link:
> be useful to
> you? It mentions the 68764 and how to make a 2764 work like that, if I
> didn't misunderstood any. Who knows.

I think that's the idea.  Nice find.

> I went to the best electronic shop of my city and I didn't find the 68764:
> they're obsolete parts :-(

I have been burning PROMs and ROMs for 20 years.  I've _never_ seen the 68764
in any circuit I've seen at work or home.  It's not only obsolete, but rare.
Mostly, people took the 2716->2732->2764 route.  Commodore took a slightly
different path (2716->2532...) because of the pin differences with the 23xx
mask-programmed ROM series.

I remember getting 4K EPROMs burned for extra utilities for my PET (32K,
BASIC 2.0) and how hard it was to find 2532 chips that fit the motherboard
without buying a Skyles or other brand of ROM adapter.  I've saved every
2532 I've seen since (about 6 ;-)



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