Re: PET II questions (P500, B128, B256)

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-12-12 11:45:33

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> For some very strange reason CBM had two versions of the 8250LP board

That reminds me of another PET II question (to get back on the subject of
this thread): is the 720D (or B-256 with built-in floppy drives) equipped
with a 8250LP, or does it have a more "direct" connection, like the
internal 3.5" floppy drive of the Commodore 65?  I think that the
500/600/700 user's manual hinted that an internal drive option would be
available that would not feature a separate CPU.

BTW, my work on cbmlink (the prlink replacement) is proceeding slowly but
firmly.  I hope to be able to finish the file and disk copiers tonight
(the Commodore side has already been ported to the new framework).  As
it'll support the same cables as prlink 0.9.9 (in addition to the C2N232
device), anyone who uses prlink could be a beta tester.


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