Re: CBM Printer History /compatibility

From: John Fernandez, Jr. (
Date: 2001-12-11 01:04:03

Also, there was the colour printer plotter...Vic-1520.

John F.

On 10 Dec 2001, at 12:35, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> Hi Nick,
> > I do not have a 1525 printer, but as I understand it, this is the oldest and
> > most basic of the Commodore Serial-IEC bus printers.
> I think there was also the 1515, with only 6 inch wide paper, not the normal
> 8 inch type.
> > The 802 has extended formatting control codes.
> It has nothing in common with the 801/803, it is directly based on the
> parallel CBM printers. The direct equivalent is the 4023 (though I have no
> idea if the 802 is based on the 4023 or vice versa), which has many features
> and commands in common with older printers as the 3023. The first printer
> must've been the 2022.
> These printers lack a proper bitmap graphics mode, they have only one user
> definable character. Many C64 programs used this to print complete bitmap
> graphics by sending 80 newline charcters per line as well ;-) I adapted this
> idea to the 3023, but as this printer was already old when I got it in 1987
> or so, the result looked very ugly. It also took about an hour to print a
> 320x200 bitmap with that 7x6 matrix.
> Nicolas
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