Re: C64 AV to SVideo mini-DIN?

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2001-12-03 05:16:04

>Would a homemade C64 to SVideo mini-DIN cable work, or are the two 
>electrical interfaces incompatible? I.e. is the C64 Y/C compatible 
>with the common Y/C used on the mini-DINs.

We have had no problems with making mini-din S-video (SVHS, Y/C) to 
1702 monitors from like the Video Toaster or video cam sources.  I 
don't think I have feed the s-video from a c=64 to a video toaster - 
but I use  an SX64 to generate color bars to test the video toasters 
and set center freq.

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