Re: USB-to-C64 ?

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2001-11-28 16:38:07

I was following this discussion with quite some interest. Please correct
me if I'm wrong, but AFAIK all these easy-to-get 8051 or whatever
descendants offering USB functionality are pure USB slaves.

In case you want to hook up your C64 to a PC (the latter being the master)
then these solutions are ok - if you can stand the idea that your C64 is a
slave to the PC; but currently I don't know of a chip which offers master
functionality (like UHCI or OHCI) and which you can get in quantities less
than some thousands - plus which is easily interfaceable to our beloved
old machine (not counting the fact that controlling especially the "10.000
logic gates is enough" (thanks, Intel!) UHCI would be way beyond the
capabilites of a stock C64 for data throughput and memory reasons).

Just my $.02


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