Re: USB-to-C64 ?

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2001-11-27 17:34:36

Dear Robert,

I'm also cc-ing this message to the cbm-hackers mailing list. I
personally have just few knowledge of the Commodore "serial IEC" bus
protocol and the USB.

AFAIK there were no Commodore IEC to USB interface implemented so far.
The Commodore serial bus side could be programmed into a
microcontroller, but dealing with the USB is problematic, if it's
possible at all without a special USB controller chip. USB controllers
might have been hard to find / program / and have been expensive, though
they seem becoming cheap.

Up to now, the kind of mass storage device you're looking for has been
rather realised by interfacing SCSI HDDs (CMD hard drives) or IDE HDDs
(IDE64 card) to the C64. Ruud Baltissen has also started a project for
converting an 1541 disk drive into an IDE controller.

Another possibility is to use a PC (maybe even an old one) as fileserver
for the C64. If I'm right Nicholas Coplin has implemented one (or should
I rather remember to one of Ruud Baltissen's program? :-( Sorry guys, I
never used this kind of stuff except 1541 handlers like Star Commander).
I have no URL at hand, but they'll probably tell you where'll you find
them. These programs are also based on the PC parallel port rather than
USB or RS-232.

Best regards,


Robert Eaglestone wrote:
> Greetings Mr. Hársfalvi:
> I've been browsing the web, looking for someone who has
> thought about creating a protocol translator that could make
> a USB mass storage device look like a 1541 (or a group of
> 1541's).
> I've also been looking for the protocol standard used by
> the C64 to talk with the 1541, without success.
> Perhaps you know of someone who has figured out if such
> a project can or can't be done.  Or perhaps you know
> someone who would know if it could be done.  If you
> know of such people, could you let me know?  I am very
> curious about it (if only because my 1541-II is not getting
> any younger).
> Sincerely,
> Robert Eaglestone

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