Re: Questions about pal clocks

From: John (
Date: 2001-11-22 17:08:43

Jozsef Laszlo writes:

>1. The source Quartz for the PAL system is 17.73442 Mhz. If I replace
>quartz with an 18.000 MHz one, will it work?
>Theoretically it should but I'm not sure in it.

It should, but you probably won't get colour, unless...

>2. The VIC-II chip needs two input clocks:
>My question is: do they absoultely need this sync?

My understanding is that they don't strictly need it, but you'll probably
get nasty interference and crawling effects if they don't.

It should be easy to test.  Lift the 8MHz input pin on VIC, and feed it
your own ~8MHz signal.  Let the existing oscillator generate the colour

If Christopher would let me at his C64 with a soldering iron, I'd give it a
go myself :-)


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