Re: FD-2000 and CMD Native Partition Info

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Date: 2001-11-21 08:40:12

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> I tested both the TEST4 and TEST8 images and made the necessary change to
> CBMDISK to default to the "default" partition. Does simply logging the
> partition with @CPn make n the default?

The answer would be yes. Issuing a @CPn where the value for 'n' is extracted
from the system partition (offsets $e2 & $e3)pointing to the default
partition value is sufficient for a FD-2000 disk image to be properly logged

> Now, what about the 800k FD-2000 disk format. Is this a 1581 format, or
> a native version be created on a double density disk? In which case, is
> system partition still in track 81, but with fewer disk sectors?
A native partition can be created on a DSDD 800K disk by the FD-2000. Maybe
it should be called the D1M format? :) Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that
1581COPY supports that kind of format. The system partition is still on
track 81. If you really want to boggle your mind and muck up your
cross-platform project endeavors, the FD-2000 can format an ordinary 1581
disk and add the system partition onto track 81! The 1581COPY program
probably would not detect this 81st partition on an ordinary 1581 disk.

-Todd Elliott

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