Re: Reading non-MFM disks in PC with a "small adapter"

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-11-20 16:39:28

MagerValp wrote:
> Didn't know about the 4032 (how does it differ from the 2031?) and the
> 1571 doesn't use the same mech as any of the PET drives. Should have
> remembered the 1570 though :)

I never had a 4031 myself, but I recently found a manual of one :-) Also I
saw it on Ebay once. It seems it is just a relabeled 2031 (high profile) for
the 4000 series PETs. Same thing as with the 2040 and 3040, so I asked about
a 3031 as well.

The 1571 is unique in the way that it is the only double sided 48tpi drive,
but still it somehow belongs to the family ;-)


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