Re: FD-2000 and CMD Native Partition Info

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-11-17 15:32:06

I have made the appropriate additions. Thank you for your
contribution, Todd  :')

--- eyethian <> wrote:
> Hello.
> Thanks to Professor Dredd for posting some technical
> information about the
> CMD's Native partition layout. It can be found at:
> And look for the CMD Native article.
> However, there are some additions; Track 1, Sector 0 is
> reserved for the CBM
> boot sector. This holds true even for CMD Native
> partitions. Insert special
> bootsector code there at Track 1, Sector 0, say at the
> CMD HD located at
> unit 10, issuing the BOOTONU10 command from 128's direct
> mode will then
> initiate the boot sequence.
> Secondly, the BAM entries located at Track 1, Sectors
> 3-33 should be
> constant, regardless of the CMD partition size. In the
> case of the FD-2000,
> a lot of sectors in the BAM would be unused, but they
> should be reserved and
> not used by CMD DOS in writing actual disk data. I guess
> this is due to
> compatibility as CMD FD DOS is based on CMD HD DOS and
> not a lot of code has
> changed in this respect.

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