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From: Marko Mäkelä (msmakela_at_cc.hut.fi)
Date: 2001-11-16 14:46:31

I made a new HTML interface to FUNET's file archive.  The separate
table-based navigation files are gone, and all requests to index-t.html
files will be redirected to index.html.  The index.html files should be
valid HTML 4.01, accompanied by a style sheet definition.

On those browsers that support style sheets (even Netscape 4.x does to
some extent), recent files (less than one month old) are indicated with a
yellow background in the date code.

I'd appreciate feedback and reports if the interface works in Opera, MSIE
and other browsers I haven't tested.  I tested only Lynx, Links, W3M,
Mozilla 0.9.5, Netscape 4.77 and Netscape 6.0.


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