RE: What model C= machine is this?

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2001-11-05 07:08:03

> The picture of the torn label may be enough for someone to identify the
> label on a machine where it is intact.
> The circuit board should have a copyright and part number on it somewhere.
> It may be on the back side and you may have to remove the board in order
> to find it.  The part numbers are unique and should identify the circuit
> board if not the entire machine.

Good point.  I've added links to those markings on the page for the machine.

> The labels on the EPROM's do not have a Commodore part number or copyright
> notice, suggesting they are not original, or were a prototype that was not
> intended to be sold.

Thanks for the binary comparison of the ROMs, btw.  I will swap the names of
the lo and high ROMs, that must have been a typo after xfer.  I can't
why the EPROM read would have failed though.  The computer itself boots into
BASIC just fine... ?

- Bo

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